Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pops of colour at Fort Camden

So I have been playing with my new camera and decided to share a few photos here.  The shot above was taken during a recent visit to Fort Camden.  

It is a classical coastal artillery fort that was let go into decline.  Fortifications on the site originally date from about 1550, it was added to in 1600 - 75% of the fort is underground!

However, it was taken over in 2010 by the County Council and then Rescue Camden - a group of local volunteers who wish to see it brought back to it's former glory.  

It is mainly a 19th century construction, with a defensive moat 40 ft deep.  There are underground tunnels, underground magazine, artillery batteries, musketery galleries and a brennan torpedo site.

Every small boys dream!
(above) Entrance to an underground magazine.
Art installation using found objects during the clean up
Re-enactments taking place on the day we visited.

Thanks for peeking, hope you enjoyed today's "unusual" post!


Barb said...

Very cool and so interesting, Dee. Have fun with the new camera and thanks for sharing! :)

Elizabeth Allan said...

You have a great "photographic eye" Deirdre! I love getting to travel with you through your pictures.

Dawn T said...

Astounding photos Deirdre. Looks like the camera is perfect. You got some amazing shots. Thanks for sharing.

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