Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ireland amid the 2020 pandemic

I wrote the following post on 13th March and saved it as a draft.  After re-reading it today I am hitting publish as it is a snapshot in time of all the changes happening in Ireland at the very start of the crisis.  Things have moved quite quickly and there are newer restrictions in place and we are all to stay home/stay safe until May 5th.
"As this new virus sweeps across the globe it has put Ireland into a "lockdown" situation.  Whilst shops and restaurants are still open, all schools, colleges and creche facililties are closed until 29/3.  Whilst our new reality settles over our household, things like google classrooms and you tube schooling moves from the imagination into the actual.

We are all safe and sound and minimising our external outings but then again it's only Day One of our new reality.  I am sure cabin fever will ensue - I reckon we will have watched everything on netflix by the 29/3!.
Thankfully our guide dog puppy Zakk keeps us on our toes and had us out walking in the woods through mucky puddles and streams at the crack of dawn this morning.  Friday is free run day despite it being Friday the 13th or schools closed!.  We met a few individuals - one gentleman running and siblings playing in the stream.  It was restful and energising to be away from all news reports/social media and constant updates.  I don't put notifications "on" for any of my platforms which is probably a blessing given the barrage of stuff coming at us over the last few weeks".
Mind yourselves, take care of each other and be kind.

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