Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Sailcloth makes!

Aarrggghhhh.... had the post nearly finished and lost it all except for the title!!!!

Ah well, let's try and rehash the content.  Hope you are all keeping well in these very strange times.  Thankfully we are all doing okay and coming out the other side of #stayhome to #staylocal.  

Like many of you I am sure, lockdown gave me an opportunity to visit the "to do" list in my head!.  I had accumulated sails over the years and even had some gifted that were no longer fit for purpose.  

Last year I used an old laser sail to make cushion covers for the conservatory - added bonus is that sailcloth doesn't mind the heat and sunshine!.
I then proceeded to cut up the rest of the sail and make a plethora of pouches, pencil cases and folders - just perfect for the sailors in the house!.
I then made a foray into wash bags using an old optimist sail and topper sail which I gifted as spot prizes to charity functions that friends were involved in.

And then lockdown happened and I spent a couple of days "making and doing" with IRL394 - our very first optimist (over 30 years old when we had it).  The sail wasn't 30 years old!

I made three different sizes with old CH Marine straps used to tie boats to car roof racks/trailers over the years and some harken straps for the zipper "ends".  There was some laser radial sail - yes, there was still some knocking about and topper sail added for strength.  Recycling at it's best!.
Then I decided wine bags would be very handy!  After a few prototypes (that will only ever take a slim bottle of reisling!) I have the measurements and stitching perfected!

 Then back to the wash bags again using an old topper sail - love how colourful the topper sail makes these bags/pouches.  There is even a bit of uniformity appearing in the creations - which believe me is a miracle in itself!.

In other news - this cutie is due to return to "big school" on June 25th.  We are on countdown and will all be heartbroken.  He arrived on September 20th last year and has become a much loved fur baby. 

We are hopeful that he will do well on the next chapter of his adventure with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  It's always difficult to hand them back.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Stay well. xx
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