Monday, March 11, 2013

PJ's to fit American Girl Doll or any 18 inch doll

You may remember that back in December I created bedding - quilts and sleeping bags for my hubby's nieces as gifts. You can see the original posts here and here. (small photos below).
Well before you know it the birthdays have started to roll around!  The first is in February and we decided to continue the doll furniture theme and gifted a dolls wardrobe - oops! didn't take photos and some clothes for her American Girl Doll.  

I decided to make PJ's out of left over fabric from the sleeping bag so that the AG would co-ordinate beautifully!  Plus... it was to hand!.

I made a pair of cream fleece PJ bottoms with a patchwork trim on the ends of the pants (photos of the process below).
 I also made a red polka dot pair and a little bed shirt with a heart (cut the heart with a Spellbinders Die).

Pattern for the PJ Bottoms was from - check out the free patterns and tutorials here. The t-shirt tutorial was from New Green Mama blog.

Then our adorable puppy decided to help! Yikes!!! - left unattended even though they were out of reach!  I didn't take a photo of the cream fleece ones - but the damage was similar!.
So I had to restart and make a second pair of these - make the cream fleece into shorts! and very quickly washed the t-shirt.  It was the only thing that survived!!!!

Thankfully the PJ's are really, really quick and easy to make.  I got more fabric today as I see more doll's clothes making in my future - 3 more birthdays fast approaching!

Thanks for peeking - I snapped a photo of the AG in her PJ's with my iphone.  
 Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday on this side of the pond.  Hope you have a wonderful week.

Left over fabric (Pants pattern here)
Old t-shirt which I cut up to create the doll t-shirt (pattern here)
Velcro (Peel and Press tape)
White thread
Bias Binding (for ends of PJ's)
9 inches 5mm elastic (x2)
sewing machine
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