Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Sailcloth makes!

Aarrggghhhh.... had the post nearly finished and lost it all except for the title!!!!

Ah well, let's try and rehash the content.  Hope you are all keeping well in these very strange times.  Thankfully we are all doing okay and coming out the other side of #stayhome to #staylocal.  

Like many of you I am sure, lockdown gave me an opportunity to visit the "to do" list in my head!.  I had accumulated sails over the years and even had some gifted that were no longer fit for purpose.  

Last year I used an old laser sail to make cushion covers for the conservatory - added bonus is that sailcloth doesn't mind the heat and sunshine!.
I then proceeded to cut up the rest of the sail and make a plethora of pouches, pencil cases and folders - just perfect for the sailors in the house!.
I then made a foray into wash bags using an old optimist sail and topper sail which I gifted as spot prizes to charity functions that friends were involved in.

And then lockdown happened and I spent a couple of days "making and doing" with IRL394 - our very first optimist (over 30 years old when we had it).  The sail wasn't 30 years old!

I made three different sizes with old CH Marine straps used to tie boats to car roof racks/trailers over the years and some harken straps for the zipper "ends".  There was some laser radial sail - yes, there was still some knocking about and topper sail added for strength.  Recycling at it's best!.
Then I decided wine bags would be very handy!  After a few prototypes (that will only ever take a slim bottle of reisling!) I have the measurements and stitching perfected!

 Then back to the wash bags again using an old topper sail - love how colourful the topper sail makes these bags/pouches.  There is even a bit of uniformity appearing in the creations - which believe me is a miracle in itself!.

In other news - this cutie is due to return to "big school" on June 25th.  We are on countdown and will all be heartbroken.  He arrived on September 20th last year and has become a much loved fur baby. 

We are hopeful that he will do well on the next chapter of his adventure with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  It's always difficult to hand them back.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Stay well. xx

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ireland amid the 2020 pandemic

I wrote the following post on 13th March and saved it as a draft.  After re-reading it today I am hitting publish as it is a snapshot in time of all the changes happening in Ireland at the very start of the crisis.  Things have moved quite quickly and there are newer restrictions in place and we are all to stay home/stay safe until May 5th.
"As this new virus sweeps across the globe it has put Ireland into a "lockdown" situation.  Whilst shops and restaurants are still open, all schools, colleges and creche facililties are closed until 29/3.  Whilst our new reality settles over our household, things like google classrooms and you tube schooling moves from the imagination into the actual.

We are all safe and sound and minimising our external outings but then again it's only Day One of our new reality.  I am sure cabin fever will ensue - I reckon we will have watched everything on netflix by the 29/3!.
Thankfully our guide dog puppy Zakk keeps us on our toes and had us out walking in the woods through mucky puddles and streams at the crack of dawn this morning.  Friday is free run day despite it being Friday the 13th or schools closed!.  We met a few individuals - one gentleman running and siblings playing in the stream.  It was restful and energising to be away from all news reports/social media and constant updates.  I don't put notifications "on" for any of my platforms which is probably a blessing given the barrage of stuff coming at us over the last few weeks".
Mind yourselves, take care of each other and be kind.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Recycling Sailcloth and a new puppy!

I have been experimenting with sailcloth for a number of months following the request from my sailors for pouches, computer bags, washbags and general "hold alls".  They are great when we are travelling and hold everything from electrical leads, chargers to bits of string!.  I have made various shapes and sizes and they were a hit!.

I made some cushions from a very old and worn out laser sail and then decided to "perfect" the wash bag.  I used old sailcloth for the one above and applied a left over partial number prior to stitching.

I then decided to try using a topper dinghy sail which is red, blue and white.  The result is below.  Again there weren't any numbers on this piece of sail so I used a spare digit 8 that I had left from the boys oppie days.  This one is a donation to an RNLI coffee morning as a raffle prize.  I used a navy blue zip to tie in with the blue number.  

I think this one is my favourite one to date!  I haven't spent any time on my blog recently as we have a new boy in the house!.
Zakk arrived a number of weeks ago from the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  If you haven visited here previously you will know that we are a puppyraising family for the Irish Guide Dogs.  Zakk is our fifth puppy.  Even as I type that fact I still cannot believe it!.  He is now 5 months old and settling in very well.  He is a golden labrador and an absolute sweetheart.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Thrills and spills

When we don't have a fur baby in the house I normally resort to next taking photos of boats!  Yesterday and today those boats were 1720's and Heir Island Sloops.  Yesterday the conditions were grey and overcast but relatively pleasant compared to today!.

Today was very wet and wild with squalls!  Lots of thrills and spills.

Thanks for stopping by!.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Joop - final chapter

When he arrived - 8 weeks old
So our last fur baby - Joop (hard to believe he was actually ever that small!) goes "on class" today with the Irish Guide Dogs and starts his life as an Assistance Dog.  You can read more about their role here.

I am unable to express enough thanks to his amazing trainers who saw him through the training process with their patience and true belief in him.
Oct 2017 - amazing what changes a year brings!
I am sure he will be loved by his new family - what a Christmas gift!!!! Wishing him continued success from one very proud Mom! (even though I am shedding a few quiet tears too!).

Monday, October 15, 2018

Don't be fooled by this cutie! He is a rogue!

Many of you know that we puppy raise for the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and are so kind to check in to see how the puppies that we have "raised" are doing. 

Our last puppy Joop is now in Advanced Training as an Assistance Dog and is doing well.  He is an out and out rogue but everyone that meets him adores him!.  We happened to meet him recently with his amazing trainer out and about on a training walk and were delighted to see he is maturing nicely.  (He was thrilled to see us!).

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind are looking for puppy raising families around Ireland at present and full details can be found on their website here.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed that our fourth puppy is successful in his training!.  Don't be fooled by the innocent looking face!.
Joop wearing his assistance dog jacket and a gentle leader

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Joop leaves for "big school"

Our fourth furry ball of fun arrived last April and left two weeks ago to return to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind for (as it is called in our house) "big school".  He was a rogue!, very stubborn and by far the brightest puppy we have had over the past number of years.  He took to all tasks and adventures with a great sense of ease.
Here he is getting to grips with travelling in the car - unsure about the jump and the distance!  He was about 9 or 10 weeks old in this photo.
We had a lot of snow in early March and Joop LOVED it!  Here he is off lead enjoying a walk early once morning.  We all miss him terribly but know that he has gone off on a new adventure with his new trainer (who also adores him!) and we get regular updates.  
Snow Angel!
Reports are that he has settled extremely well in kennels and loves all the other dogs.  He is just 13 months old and is much bigger than the 8kg he was when he arrived!.  Best of luck to him and his siblings on their new adventure. 

You can read about our previous puppies here, here and here.  If you want to know more about becoming a puppy raiser for the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind please click here.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
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