Monday, September 5, 2011

Water Babies!

Thunderstorm downtown Chicago - August 2011
I am drawn to water.  It can be falling from the sky, in a lake, sea or ocean.
My DH enjoying the water in MI - August 2011

I wonder is it because I grew up next to a large harbour that started my love of water?  
When I moved 3,658 miles away from that harbour I managed to locate next to another large body of water - Lake Michigan (which is the second largest of the Great Lakes by volume!).

Thankfully my hubby and boys love water as much as I do (evidence above!)

I spent some time on the water this weekend and captured these cuties off Cape Clear Island
I think I can count 5 seals - but there may be more! 
and also captured the shots below during the 1720 European Championships (Racing - Day 3)
1720 European Championships - Baltimore, West Cork
 Busy at the leeward mark! (above)
Lots of action on the water.

Fun weekend with great sailing, great company and time on the water!

Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


Lin said...

Great pictures and post today, Deirdre - thank you!

Julie M said...

Great pics, Deirdre - nice to see it rains other places too!!! Love all the sailing photos - I grew up around the sea also, but am a complete wuss of a fair-weather sailor - and I can't do without mountains!!!

Julie x

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!! I love the water too...but live a long way away from it now! Our closest water is my parent's dam. Big enough to water ski on when we get the chance.
Alicia xx

Ren-Yi said...

Glad you had some quality time with family. Those photos are really amazing! If you like the coast, sail up along the east coast and say hi :)

Elizabeth Allan said...

I too love the water and live just minutes from Lake Michigan. Thank you for sharing the pictures and reminding me how special the water can be!

Paige Taylor Evans said...

I love all these water pictures Deirdre! Beautiful photography!

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