Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My thanks to Jacqueline and sharing photos of France

My HA Flickr Friend - Jacqueline recently had a giveaway on her blog - "my scrap basket".  I so enjoy visiting her blog as she is so inspirational - her style is just amazing - be sure to go check it out.  She did a post about her visit to a little French village and took some amazing photos - click here to view the post. 

It reminded me of the wonderful holidays we have taken in France in recent years.  The beautiful winding streets covered with cobbles, shuttered windows and of course sunshine! and it was so lovely to see photos taken in the Wintertime with holiday wreaths on the doors.

Well, guess what... I won!!! Thank you so much Jacqueline - I am so looking forward to creating with the AMAZING stamp and I can smell the lavender already - beautiful.  Heartfelt thanks.

I would like to share some photos I have taken in France in recent years - and to have some sunny shots on my blog as there has been a lot of ice, snow and frost in recent times.

Mont Saint-Michel

View looking upwards at Mont Saint-Michel

La Tour Eiffel - The Eiffel Tower

Ornate Gargoyles under le pont Neuf, Paris

St Émilion

Stone pillar at foot of the famous vineyard Château Ausone, St Émilion

Château Lascombes, Margaux

Thanks for taking this little trip with me and thanks again to Jacqueline.  Thanks too for stopping by.


Jacqueline said...

Dierdre, your package left on Monday, hope it arrives soon. You have made gorgeous photos, especially love the one with the big red shutters - so typical of France with the cobblestones! It is a beautiful country, some parts are so close to nature!
Hope you enjoy what I sent you!
Thanks for including me in your blog entry.

Tiffany Ervin said...

Absolutely gorgeous, isn't Jacqueline so nice and her work is marvelous! My niece and family visited France while she did an intern over there and she raved about it!! It was her favorite country out of all the places she has visited!

Lin said...

Oh, I want to go to France!! Love your pictures, Deirdre, thanks so much for sharing them! they are extra nice considering the snow and ice I'm surrounded by! And congratulations on your win!

Suzanne C said...

Gorgeous pictures! I think we should all go to France and visit Jacqueline! Her pictures of where she lives are always so lovely.

Alice said...

beautiful photos, Deirdre! I have never been to France and after seeing those photos, I think I'll have to go!! =) congrats on your win!!

Nancy said...

Such beautiful photos, Deirdre. I have never been to France either, but I know from my Art History classes that it is a country rich in design. I would love to go there some day too!

Dawn T said...

Congrats on winning... I also won something little according to Jacqueline...can't wait. Your photos of France are wonderful.. I can't wait till late August...that's when Hubby and I will be in Paris... We are spending a week canal boating in England then onto Paris for 5 days, Venice for 5 days and then to Rome before heading home.... it just seems such a long time to wait!!!!

Dwita said...

Deirdre... lovely pics. I went to Mont Saint Michel, La Tour Eiffel et some chateaux 6 years ago. Wish to go there again. Nice shot of the pics, Deirdre...

Tomo H. said...

Congratulations, Deirdre!!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos of France. All of the shot is wonderful!!!
And thanks so much for your visiting to my blog the other day! Happy New Year, Deirdre! May your days in 2010 be filled with happiness!
Love, Tomo

stampingandstitching said...

Congratulations on your win Deirdre! Love your wonderful photos of France - they make me want to go back again!

Heather Maria

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