Monday, June 24, 2013

At 10 months!

 "Clarly" - aka cutie patootie came into our lives last October - you can read about her here.
Jan 2013
She has such a fun personality.  She loves company and children and has such a friendly disposition.  She doesn't wag her tail - she wags her whole body with excitement. We call it the "body wag"!.
 (above) Four and a half months of cuteness!
Here she is in her training jacket (May 2013) doing some fundraising for the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind annual campaign - "Shades".
Cola Bottle anyone?.  She loves playing "fetch" and we have a vast array of chew/fetch toys for her to play with.  Wish you could hear the squeak the cola bottle makes - she runs around the garden squeaking it in her mouth - I'd say the neighbours think we are batty!.
Here she is just this week - chillin' after a walk - she is 10 months old.  She will be leaving us at the end of the Summer to enter Early Training with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  We are so proud of her and her progress to date but dread the thought of handing her back to start her "formal" training.  

Lots of Summer Fun yet to be had with her!.  It's hard to think of life without her but truly hope she will have a hugely positive impact on someone's life.

Thanks for peeking - hope you have a great week.


donna mikasa said...

So cute, Dee! I can imagine how hard it'll be to give her up later on. Enjoy your summer with her!

Dawn T said...

She is gorgeous Deirdre. I don't know if I could do this... get so attached then have to give her up. Enjoy your time with her this summer.

Dotty Jo said...

She's gorgeous Deidre, and what a great start you've given her! Jo x

Virginia L. said...

Wow, she is so beautiful! I love the shine on her fur! I can see why she is so treasured! And thank you SO much for your unwavering support! I can't thank you enough :)

Unknown said...

Deirdre, this is truly one of the most selfless acts a family can undertake. God bless you for it!

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