Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer has arrived!

So the sun has come out here in Ireland!
 Photo taken yesterday from the top of Lough Hyne - Sherkin and Cape Clear Islands in the distance

You know this country is known for it's green-ness (proof above!) - that comes as a result of excessive moisture aka rain at all times of the year and not a lot of hot sunshine!
So when the sun comes out to play - so does the whole country!
I will be missing for a little while!

Sunscreen - check
Hat - check
Sunglasses - check
items to fussy cut in the sunshine - check! (see I won't be idle!)


Lin said...

What a beautiful photo, Deirdre!

Barb said...

Gorgeous photo, Dee! Sounds like you're planning some relaxation - have fun! :)

Céline said...

thanks Deirdre, this photo reminds me my fantastic trip on your fab country !

Dawn T said...

Great photo Deirdre. Glad you are finally getting some nice weather.

Greta said...

Enjoy, Deidre! That is one gorgeous picture! I actually visited your beautiful country, but it was so long ago I can't remember whether this is one of the places. Brings back happy memories, though. Thanks for the congratulations you left me--means a lot!

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