Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doing the happy dance...we are through!!!

Phew..... thank goodness.... we are through.  What am I talking about..... the Greeting Farm - Royal Battle Week One.  I was responsible for the card, even though my team mates were fantastic with amazing ideas, comments etc... I was absolutely terrified that I would let them down (Kathy and Fika are just amazing team mates).  Thankfully.... we are through!!! woohoo and get to compete in this week's challenge which is ... create an easel card.  Fika is next up - go Fika.  Thank you so much if you voted for us - we REALLY appreciate it. 

It turns out that as soon as the cards are posted on Sat/Sunday voting on week two will commence which will be open until Tuesday - so I am sure I will be pestering you again to vote!!!

No card to share so I will share some photos instead.  I took these last weekend whilst entertaining out of town guests.  The first one is the world famous Blarney Castle built in the 1400's where you "kiss the Blarney Stone" to get the gift of the gabb/gift of eloquence!  You have to climb to the very top of the castle to reach it which involves going up very winding and narrow spiral stairs.
Then - a visiting ship in the port of Cobh (formerly Queenstown).  Former famous vessels that visited this port include the Titanic.
Stop off at the Jameson Distillery (love the old doors and blockwork)
and then... feeding time at the wildlife park
Have two cards to finish before dinner - so will try and come back and post them later.  I haven't forgotten I mentioned blog candy - my DS's are on two week's vacation - so once we get back to "normal" I will post some candy.  Thanks so much for stopping by.


donna mikasa said...

Woo hooo! So happy that The Dream Team made it through! Your card was awesome! Looking forward to seeing you go all the way!
Gorgeous photos of Ireland! I think I would tackle the winding stairs just to see the view...

Dawn T said...

Go the Dream Team!!!! Looking forward to Fika's card now.... Love the photos of your part of the world.... maybe one day I'll come and visit you!!!!

Paula said...

Congrats on getting through Deidre!! didnt doubt it for a minute.. your card was amazing!
Beautiful Photos!!


Alice said...

YAY!!! way to go girls!!!! so happy for you! thanks for those beautiful photos! hope i'll get to visit Ireland one day!! =)

Nancy said...

Yeah! So happy for you Deidre! How could you loose with that team! Love seeing your photos!

Tiffany Ervin said...

Beautiful photos, I love shots like this from all over the world, very fascinating to see the lifestyle and the charm of so many different countries...thanks for sharing!

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