Thursday, November 5, 2009


For those of us who enjoy taking photographs I think our biggest fear/dislike is standing in front of the camera ourselves.  It is usually rare to catch me anywhere near the front end of the lens unless I am cleaning it!  but, needs must and this morning I had to stand and smile while my hubby and boys tried to make me smile at 8am!.  All will be revealed in due course.... I needed a head and shoulders shot.  Suffice to say it was an unusual way to start the morning!.  I did update my Flickr buddy icon (as I had a new headshot)!

Thankfully though I always have willing subjects!!! Two shots from Halloween that I think you might enjoy!

Spiderman and Elmo!!!

A Hug for Elmo !!!???!

Hope your day is going well and thanks for stopping by.


Dawn T said...

I am so with you about being in front of the camera, Deirdre. I much prefer to the taker....
Your boys look super in their costumes.
take care

CinnamonSally said...

Hi Deirdre, Great photos of your boys in their costumes, your shot looks great too. Need to update my icon at sometime as well, I never seem to find the right time to get the photo taken.
Thanks again for suggesting my owl for the docrafts challenge. I'm thrilled to have won.

stampingandstitching said...

Such cute photos of your boys on Halloween Deirdre. Your new photo is lovely too and now I'm intrigued by "all will be revealed". I'm wondering - moving to another country, on a design team, teaching or HH?!! Can't wait to hear your news!

Heather Maria

Godelieve said...

Congratulations!! Enjoy your spot in blogland!

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