Wednesday, October 22, 2014

York is off to start his next adventure!

This boy "York" joined our family last year on 21st October - you can see how tiny and adorable he was below.  The photo above was taken last week by his "new" puppywalkers (who are amazing! - long story! but we were blessed with the new family that welcomed him into their lives).  They upload nearly daily photos of his adventures which has let us see him grow and develop into an amazingly, confident dog.  He is starting his next adventure at the end of the month.  He heads off to "big school" where he is going to train to hopefully become a Guide Dog or Assistance Dog/
 We wish him and his siblings in the "Y" Litter every success in their training.  If you want to find out more about the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind - check out their website here.  
Okay - alert - two more cute puppy photos below!.
Can I go sailing too? I will fit in this bag!
Butter wouldn't melt!!! Yeah right!!!
 Thanks for peeking.


Nancy said...

York is just adorable! What a sweet companion he will make!

Lin said...

There is NOTHING cuter than a puppy! We had a yellow lab mix for 16 years, and that's what Brandy looked like when we first got him....what a character he was! Thanks for some smiles and memories today, Deidre!

Dawn T said...

York is delightful. So happy he's making the next step.

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