Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Honey ... I'm home!

Hi everyone... it's been a while - I have been busy with lots of other things i.e. entertaining boys on their school holidays!

We spent a lot of our time on the water and visited some fun locations!
Fastnet Rock - the most southerly point of Ireland
The Fastnet Rock is 13 kilometres from the main land of Ireland and as you can see was flat calm the day we visited.  The rock rises to 98 ft above low water and is separated from Little Fastnet (on the right) by a 10 metre channel.
98 ft from low water to the top!
You can get an idea of the height from this photo (above).
A less popular view of the Rock.
Lots and lots of steps!
 The lighthouse was built in 1897 and first lit in 1904!  Isn't that just amazing?

I took over a thousand photos in the last few weeks - so please bear with me while I process them and see if there are a few worth sharing!

Thanks for peeking - I promise to try to get back and visit all your blogs over the coming weeks but as many of you know - it's a busy, busy time with school starting back up!


Yvette said...

thanks for sharing these beautiful photo's. I must visit Ireland some day!

Julie M said...

Welcome home, Dee - glad you had a lovely summer. Great pics, one of those places that few of us ever get to see for real at such close quarters.

Julie x

Deirdre said...

Hi Julie, it was a fantastic trip. They reckon there are only a few days a year that you can get out to it safely in small craft. Very little swell on the day - I took about 300 photos from every side of it!

Nancy said...

Hello Deirdre! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Looks like a FUN time was had by all!

donna mikasa said...

Hi Dee! Welcome home! What fab photos--looking forward to seeing more!

Elizabeth Allan said...

What an amazing lighthouse! Your pictures capture the size and detail beautifully!

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