Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little tune!

My favourite song from my favourite Irish band at the moment - The Script - heard of them???? They are up and coming, well actually..... they have TOTALLY ARRIVED...... they have played support to Paul McCartney, U2.... need I say more?  The girl in the video is Eve Hewson - Bono's daughter.  Cool eh?  Tried to buy tickets to their gig in 2011 yesterday - all sold hoo!

and look what I got to photograph this morning......
and have a "rub" off (for luck!)...... the Sam Maguire Cup.  Up the rebels! - for those reading this that have no idea what I am talking about, this is the GAA All Ireland Senior Football Championship Trophy which Cork won on 19 September beating Down in Croke Park.  It is Cork's seventh title, and their first since 1990.  So you can imagine the excitement in the County!  The cup is modelled on the Ardagh Chalice.
Me with "Sam", yeap, that's my shadow on the ground!  Brian O'Regan and Eoin Cotter - Cork Senior Players with "sam" visiting my DS's school this morning.

Hope you have a wonderful day ... as you can see from the photo the sun is shining in the Rebel County!


Dotty Jo said...

What fun! Jo x

Paula said...

Hello from another fan of The Script!! I absolutely LOVE the new single!! and the first album was played endlessly while we were on hols (quietly during the sweary!! in laws were in the car!)
great photos too...!!
Paula xx

Anonymous said...

Up the Rebels!!! xx

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