Monday, April 26, 2010

Four hours left to vote.....

It is absolutely nail biting stuff.  The entries by each team this week are outstanding - the details, colours, co-ordination - all breathtaking stuff.  Of course the Dream Team entry is outstanding (but I am totally biased!!!) - Kathy did a spectacular job.... thanks KathyFika created an amazing project too, which I am sure we will get to share when this is all over.

Only 4 hours left to vote - so if you have missed the voting up to now... please stop by here and vote for the Dream Team (no registering/galleries etc required).  

THANKS SO MUCH ..... we really appreciate your support. 


Julie M said...

You're in the lead at the moment, Deirdre - fingers and toes crossed!!!

Julie xx

donna mikasa said...

Kathy did an awesome job, and so did Fika! I loved both of them and you all did fantastic work! So proud of all of you! Go, Dream Team!!!

wendy said...

Fingers, knees and toes crossed!! xx

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