Thursday, September 26, 2013

Missing this little cutie!

Missing this little cutie - even asked the boys yesterday morning what colour/breed of dog they would like next!?  Am I mad?

I actually tweeted this photo a few days ago and the @irishguidedogs responded 
@DeirdreIrl Absolutely not! Who could resist the chance to do something so rewarding while spending time with such amazing dogs?

I know they are sooooo right!  I just thought I'd take a little break!!!
My hubby reckons we won't last past the end of October! LOL!

I spoke to the trainer that has been assigned to Clarly last Monday.  She told me Clarly is settling in well and getting to know her kennel companions.  Most, if not all of her litter is now in training - which is fantastic.  The trainers have to initially create a bond with each new dog so that is what they are working on with Clarly this week.  Next week she gets to leave the centre to do some training in urban locations.

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a wonderful day.


Judith said...

I'm sure you are all missing her, she looks so adorable! Someone is going to be very happy to have her as their guide dog and remember her personality is in her genes but the love and care she has had in the last year is all down to you and your family:)

Dawn T said...

no doubt it must be sad and you miss her heaps. It is awesome that she is now moving on to help someone and I am pleased you have decided to take on a new puppy. In no time, you will be giving love to another little guide puppy.

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