Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Monday and there's a deadline!

So it's Monday - I have 757 photos to process that I took on Saturday at my DS's Street League Finals Day (no, they were not all of my sons!!) LOL!  Got nabbed to take shots of every child getting their award/medal/plaque etc... and took some action shots during the day too. 

So hopefully I will get a chance to post a card later but have to meet a deadline with the 757 photos!!!!  No pressure!!! ha ha!

Not a happy day here... Cork were beaten by Kerry yesterday in the Munster GAA Football Senior Championship Semi Final Replay!!!  - no rivalry between the two counties which is a great thing!! (tongue in cheek here!).

I have been reading/hearing from my Chicago friends that there have been HUGE celebrations in the city following the Blackhawks win of the Stanley Cup after a 49 year championship drought.  Woohoo!!  Would love to be there... miss you guys.


hobbyandideas said...

I hope you will be able to meet the deadline in time and make a card as well. Good luck. Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my reading them.

Dawn said...

WOW - what a challenge Deirdre but I'm sure you will cope.... good luck with the editing and uploading.

Heather Maria said...

Yikes 757 photos - good luck with that Deirdre! Commiserations on the result, you'll be back next year. It could be worse - you could be a Kildare supporter!

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