Monday, November 4, 2019

Recycling Sailcloth and a new puppy!

I have been experimenting with sailcloth for a number of months following the request from my sailors for pouches, computer bags, washbags and general "hold alls".  They are great when we are travelling and hold everything from electrical leads, chargers to bits of string!.  I have made various shapes and sizes and they were a hit!.

I made some cushions from a very old and worn out laser sail and then decided to "perfect" the wash bag.  I used old sailcloth for the one above and applied a left over partial number prior to stitching.

I then decided to try using a topper dinghy sail which is red, blue and white.  The result is below.  Again there weren't any numbers on this piece of sail so I used a spare digit 8 that I had left from the boys oppie days.  This one is a donation to an RNLI coffee morning as a raffle prize.  I used a navy blue zip to tie in with the blue number.  

I think this one is my favourite one to date!  I haven't spent any time on my blog recently as we have a new boy in the house!.
Zakk arrived a number of weeks ago from the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  If you haven visited here previously you will know that we are a puppyraising family for the Irish Guide Dogs.  Zakk is our fifth puppy.  Even as I type that fact I still cannot believe it!.  He is now 5 months old and settling in very well.  He is a golden labrador and an absolute sweetheart.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.

1 comment:

Dawn T said...

Did I not hear you tell me a year ago... no more puppies!!! He is gorgeous though and I'm sure you're enjoying him.

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