Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What a difference a week makes!

The photo above was taken last Tuesday! - what a difference a week makes!

The sunshine is gone and is replaced with wind and rain and the country takes the hit of another storm.

Want to smile?  You should check out the you tube clip "Happy in Baltimore"

Hope you have a great day/week.


Lin said...

Thank you, Deirdre! LOVED this video, and it sure started my day with a smile! We had a few nice days last week, too, but it's back to normal again for us here, too - it's spitting snow again :((

Dawn T said...

Looks like it was lovely last week. I walked past the beach this evening - warm and sunny and the Opties were all out. Looked fabulous. Wish I had the camera or phone with me. Hope the nice weather will be back soon for the boys sailing.

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