Monday, February 27, 2012

Tweet, tweet

Great start to the week.

This morning whilst making lunches for the boys I spied from the kitchen window a thrush busily filling its beak with all sorts of soft nest building materials.  It was pecking at the grass for moss and in the flower bed for some withered plant leaves.  My boys were fascinated because in its hurry to collect it was dropping more than it seemed to be gathering!.
You may remember the little chicks (above) which were residents in our garden last year. 

Well, this morning when I got out of my car - two robin redbreasts welcomed me home and made sure I saw them hopping around the car!  I think it might be Mom and Dad back to nest in our garden again this year - I really hope so.

Hope you have a good start to your week.  Thanks so much for stopping by.


Barb said...

Such a precious photo, Deirdre! I'm looking forward to another one this year! Have a good week! :)

Mona Pendleton said...

Oh dear, how precious is this? TFS

Dawn T said...

How awesome that they are back. Just think, this means spring is on it's way.

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